Vuoden 2013 uutiset/News of 2013

13-15.12.2013 Three day international winner shows in Helsinki!

Unbelievably succesful weekend! Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" received four winner titles in his very first shows!! And Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" Nordic winner!"Sulo" Argentonero Feliz Figaro BM4!

On friday-the Helsinki Winner Show-only Capo participated. Under judge Hendel Eytan,42 enries, Capo was Helsinki Junior winner, exc, cq, CAC,BM2!!

Capo ( HeJW-13, PMJV-13, PMV-13, JV-13 Argentonero I'm Jesper) and super groomer/handler Lotta Penttinen!

On saturday-Nordic Winner show- 45 entries, judge Patricia de Coning, Capo was both Nordic Junior Winner and Nordic Winner, BOB;Sulo BM3, resCACIB and Parma Nordic Winner, BOS!!Super, super! Thanks Lotta for grooming and handling!! Ilpo for handling Sulo, Emma for photos and Sari and all friends at ringside for help at this well organized truly international show. It was a pleasure to meet breeders from so many different countries. 

CIB Multi CH NV-13 Scedir Naomi Campbell Parma and Lotta

Two new Nordic Winners Parma and Capo!!!!!

Happy team! Fabio, me, Parma and Lotta!

No words needed ;)

Sari, Sulo and Ilpo

On sunday, Finnish Winner show, judge Gerardo Paolucci,Capo Finnish Junior Winner, BM3, Parma exc, Cq,CH/2 and Sulo exc/3.

12/2013 Argentonero Godzimir "Kobe " ECVO (European College of Veterinary Ophtalmologists) eyetested- no remarks!!!

16.11.2013 Jyväskylä Int Show. Judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki.

Parma BOB and she received the last CACIB needed for international champion/CIB!! super handling by Lotta Penttinen. Best critique ever:

" Hyvin kaunis narttu. Oikeankokoinen ja tasapainoinen. erittäin hyvä ylälinja. Pitkä, kaunisilmeinen, narttumainen pää. Erinomainen rintakehä ja selvä eturinta. Vankka, lyhyt runko. Hyvä takaosa ja häntä. Erinomainen karkea turkki, kauniisti kunnostettu. Hyvä väritys. Vapaat hyvät liikkeet."

Argentonero Gerwazy "Aatu" debytoi myös. Turkki ei ollut aivan optimi kunnossa, mutta Aatu esiintyi  omistajansa Heidin esittämänä reippaasti ja tuloksena EH/3.


9.11.2013 Baltic Winner in Riga.

Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" BOB, CAC, CACIB, Baltic Winner-13 under breed specialist Benny Blid von Schvedvin!! She is now a LV and Baltic CH too!Super handling by Diana Jurkuveniene.

2-3.11.2013 Int Show in Tarto, Estonia. Judge breed specialist Hilkka Salohalla. 

A Fun trip with Sari and Ilpo. Argentonero Feliz Figaro Sulo was Bm2, CAC, CACIB- a new Estonian champion!!

14.9.2013 Miniature schnauzer speciality show in Klaukkala. Judge breed specialist Marianne Holm.

What a great day! Thanks owners, groomers and handlers! A. Day Lily "Lili" at the age of 5.5 years after two litters exc1,FinnSieger point, CAC, BOS! A. Godzimir "Kobe" exc1, FinnSieger point, BM3. A.Happy Hagrid "Arvid" VG, A.Happy Hour "Nipsu" G (had lost too much weight, otherwise a nice critique).


20.8.2013 J-litter was born! Please look for more info under pennut/puppies.

12.8.2013 My dearest Senna, CIB, FI, EE, LV, LT, BALT CH, V-03 Beries Micro Xenia, my founding bitch and my first miniature schnauzer, died. She was truly one of a kind and we miss her so.

7.7.2013 Karjaa NAT show, judge Anne Sume.

Super day! Argentonero BOB breeder's group! A. Feliz Figaro BOB, Scedir Naomi Campbell BOS, A. Happy Hour exc/1 (his very first show!), A. Feliz Figurin vg/2 and A. Amadores BOB veteran!Photos by Emmi Penttinen.

15.6.2013 Schnauzer-Pincher main speciality show "Pääerkkari", judge Pedro Sanches Delerue.

What a fun and succesful day! Thanks friends! Argentonero Breeders group BOB! Argentonero Amadores "Doris" BOS veteran,  Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo"exc, cq, BD3; A. Feliz Figurin "Figu"exc, cq; A. Feliz Fantasia "Milli" exc, A. Dandelion "Luca" exc, cq and A. Happy Harald "Heppu" exc,cq jun3! And Sulo, Milli, Figu were also in Fille's Noble Monuments Fit for Beries BOB progeny group.

And to top it all Scedir Naomi Campbell  "Parma" BOB!! Photo by Jin Kaakinen.

9.6.2013 Orivesi all breed's show

Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" BOB, CAC, and a new Finnish show Champion under breed specialist, judge Marianne Holm!!She also received the last point needed for the Finnsieger title!

8.6.2013 Tuuri all breed's show

A fun trip with Henna to Tuuri. Parma BB2, resCac. Argentonero Happy Harald "Heppu" in his very first show BD2, resCAC! Judge Keijo Alen. Super evening at Heppu's and Sirkka's wonderful summer cottage after the show.


1.6.2013 Tallin Estonian Winner show

Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" BOB, Estonian Winner -13 under breed specialist, judge Irina Poletaeva. Thank you Ilpo, Lotta and Gunnel for taking her to the show while I was celebrating Patrik's graduation. What a nice birthday present!

21.5.2013 Myotonia congenita PCR-results

Argentonero Feliz Fantasia, A. Feliz Figaro, A. Happy Hyacinth and Scedir Naomi Campbell all genotype N/N (normal) in myotonia congenita PCR.

7.4.2013 Some exciting puppy news!

This weekend Agrentonero Feliz Figaro became proud father of his first puppies- 3 boys and 1 girl. And Argentonero Gloria had 3 +4!! They were born in Paimio/Pirius Kennel-inquiries Päivi 0505935884

30.3.2013 Miniature Schnauzer club meeting

Results are final now- so proud and happy!Thanks to great puppy owners! 

Top winning male Miniature Schnauzer of the year 2012 Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo"! And 7th A. Dandelion "Luca" who has been nro 2 both 2010 and 2011! A. Feliz Fantasia "Milli" fifth in the top bitch competition! And Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma"sixth! (Unlike Sweden and many other countries we do not have combined/ all colours top mini Schnauzer competition in Finland)

9.2.2013 Some exciting health results!

Argentonero Feliz Fantasia Milli ECVO-Eyetest- no remarks, healthy eyes! And also

knees 0/0.

Argentonero Gloria and Let me cry Orsini genotype N/N (homozygous normal concerning the intact gene) in myotonia congenita PCR!



Lithuanian Winner and Vilnius Winter Cup Int shows In Vilna.What a fun and succesful weekend! Thanks Lotta (super grooming and handling again!), Gunnel and Salla! On saturday (judge Jose Vasco Pocas) Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma"exc1, CAC, bb2, resCacib, Argentonero Dandelion exc/2.  On Sunday under breed specialist Irina Poletaeva Parma was BOB, CAC, Cacib and she was shortlisted in top six in the group!! Luca exc.

Judge I.Poletaeva, Diana Jurkuveniene (thanks!)and Parma

In the group ring with Parma!

Lotta, Bravo, Pia, Rico, I and Parma getting ready for the group


Tallin Int Dog Show, judge Wilfried Peper. Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo"exc,cq, bd2, resCACIB and Argentonero Feliz Fantasia "Milli"exc,cq, bb2, resCACIB. What a fun trip!Thanks friends!


Celebrating Bravo at Kochi Ait with friends


I-puppy event. Grooming-thanks Lotta- practising how to scrape the undercoat etc and of course "fun and games". Casper, Capo and Riki had loads of fun playing. Great boys! I was more than happy with this very even litter of Lissu and Leevi at 16 weeks. Sizes 29.7, 29.7 and 30.3 cm.






Today in Turku at a super well-organized miniature schnauzer speciality "the Spanish show" Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo" BM1, BOB BIS4! Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" BB1, BOS! Argentonero Dandelion "Luca" BM2! Argentonero Feliz Fantasia "Milli" BB2, Argentonero Gloria "Caro"exc/1 and I was so proud to present a BIS3 breeders group!! Super day! Thank you judge Carmen Gil Polo for noticing my dogs and Thank you all my friends!

In the photo with the judge from left to right Salla and Luca, Lotta and Milli, Säde and Caro and me and Sulo.

Ilpo Mattsson & Argentonero Feliz Figaro BM1, BOB BIS4! Grooming Lotta Penttinen.


Lissun ruumiinavauslausunto saapui, katso in memoriam. Lausunto  varmisti kliinisen diagnoosin neurogeeninen diabetes insipidus, unduloiva muoto. Kyseessä on harvinainen virtsaa väkevöivän hormonin puute "vesitystauti", joka voi joskus esiintyä aaltoilevasti. Taudista on tulossa kotisivulleni eläinlääkärin lausunto ja lyhennelmä Lissun sairaskertomuksesta.

Lissu's autopsy result came confirming the clinical diagnosis of neurogenic diabetes insipidus, undulating form. This is a rare disease of lack of antidiuretic hormone, which can sometimes have a "wax and whane" type of clinical picture. Here will shortly be a veterinarians short text about this disease and Lissu's disease history.

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