Vuoden 2014 uutiset/News of 2014

24.12.2014 Merry Christmas! Hauskaa Joulua!

20.12.2014 käppänäkävely Vaakkoissa

6.12.2014 Helsinki Winner

Judge E. Feutz.
Multi CH HeW-10 Finnsg Argentonero Dandelion "Luca" EXC1, CQ, BM3, res-CACIB! 
CIB Multi CH W-12 FinnSg Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo" EXC.
Argentonero Juliette "Juli" EXC
This was the last show of the year for us and it was a nice event thanks to you friends! Very special to see our Italian friends!
Thank you Salla for taking such excelent care of Luca-6.5 yr!! Grooming help is greatly appreciated: Lotta (Juli ), Irina /Magic Dog (Sulo) and Satu (Luca ). Superhandling by Netta, Salla and Ilpo!

Argentonero Juliette. Crtique by E. Feutz: 15 months old very typical, elegant bitch. Nice head. excellent neck and topline. Excellent tailset, harsh coat with a little bit light markings. Excellent movement. Nice temperament.Photos by Jari Päivö.

30.11 k-puppy event

Argentonero K-puppy event today! Grooming, vaccinations, some first advent delicacies, fun and games!! Thank you Johanna Reilin, Lotta Penttinen and all wonderful puppy owners!

5.10 Tuulos dog show

Argentonero Juliette ( Steadlyn Recognition x Argentonero Feliz Fantasia) Exc, cq, best Junior, BB2, res CAC! Superbly handled by Netta Hirvensalo. Judge Viive Maranik Estonia. Grooming Lotta Penttinen. as the dog show venue was a bit shaggy, we went to celebrate at the near by Vanaja Castle.

20.9 Miniature Schnauzer Speciality Show, Lohja

BOB BIS2 breeder group at miniature schnauzer speciality doshow yesterday. Argentonero Feliz Figaro Exc, cq, bm2; A. Dandelion Exc , A. Day Lily VG/2, A. Bella Stella VG vet1!! Thanks IlpoSalla , Heli , Taina, Sari and Lotta! Photo Jari.

7.9 Helsinki Dog Show

Argentonero Happy Hermione "Hippu" VG and Sulo's son Airilan Angle of Attack "Turo" Jun1, CAC ! Judge Andrzej Kazmirski, Poland.


31.8 Tervakoski Int Dogshow

Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" BOB, judge Yvonne Brink, Sweden. He was superbly groomed and handled by Lotta Penttinen. Capo was even shortlisted in the group! In the group ring he was handled by Minna Rantanen.


8.8 WDS 2014 Helsinki

Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" exc1!!He won intermediate class and was in fact the best uncropped dog, and the best b/s of Finnish origin in the this huge show (128 b/s mini schnauzer entries). Thank you Karita and Lotta for showing him!

Karita and Capo

30.7 K-litter was born! please look under puppies/litters

27-28.7 Adazi, Latvia IDS

International and national shows,  judges breed specialist Marianne Holm, FI  ( and Juta Haranen, EST. Super, super results:Argentonero Feliz Figaro BOB, and he received the last CACIB needed for CIB!!! Argentonero Feliz Fantasia BOS, CACIB! Both dogs repeated these results the next day! Thank you owners Sari Haaparanta and Liisa Walle-Uppala. Thanks also Ilpo Mattson for handling and Lotta Penttinen for grooming. So Happy and proud!

28.6 Pori IDS judge Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia

Argentonero Happy Harald exc, cq, BM4, A. Juliette exc/3. Thank you Julia Suoranta for handling! Once again a fun trip with Sirkka!

15.6.2014 Kotka Int Dog Show, judge A. Kazmierski, Poland

Argentonero Happy Harald "Heppu" exc, cq, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Superbly handled by Netta Hirvensalo. Beautiful photo by Milja Viljamaa.

7.6.2014 Miniature Schnauzer Speciality Show in Tampere

Wet but fun main miniature schnauzer speciality show at Tampere. Judge Ulrike Schmidt.

Argentonero boys did super!Feliz Figaro "Sulo"Exc, cq, BM2!!, I'm Jesper "Capo" Exc, cq, BM3,I'm Kasper G(lacking P1). Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" Exc, cq,BB4. A. Feliz Fantasia Exc,cq, and both very promising juniorgirls Juli and Inki VG. My breeders Group got honor prize/2 with an excellent crtique. Thank you Lotta,Ilpo, Satu, Netta (you girls were super!), Liisa, Henna, Sari, Päivi, Taina and all wonderful puppy owners and friends!


31.5.2014 Estonian Winner Show in Tallin. Judge Anne Klaas.

HeJW-13 PMJV-13 PMV-13 JV-13 ARGENTONERO I'M JESPER "Capo" exc, cq, BM1, CACIB, BOB, Estonian Winner-14! Super job again Lotta!

24.5.2014 Järvenpää Dogshow. Judge Charlotte Orre Sweden.

Argentonero Casper was at his very first show and received a wonderful critique but because of size was disqualified.

18.5.2014 Riihimäki Dogshow. Judge Piotr Krol.

Argentonero Happy Harald "Heppu" exc, cq, BM1, CAC, BOB and even shortlisted in the group competition! Super handling by Netta Hirvensalo! Our little Juli, Argentonero Juliette, was at her first dog show and started by being BOB puppy!!!


11.5. 2014 Helsinki Int Dogshow. Judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden

Argentonero Jesper "Capo" Exc,cq, BM2, resCACIB. Once again superbly groomed and handled by Lotta!

28.4.2014 Lahti Int Dogshow. Judge Bonet Fernando Quilis.

Argentonero Happy Harald "Heppu" exc, cq, bm4!

Miniaure schnauzer of 2013 in Finland results!

Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" #1-best b/s bitch with super points 95!!

Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo" #5, last year's #1 b/s male!

Argentonero #1 b/s breeder, #4 of all colours!! So happy!!


Super fun Celebration with friends!Parma's, Lempi's and Maisa's cake!

19.1. 2014 Turku International Dogshow. Judge Malte Gonzalbo, Spain.

Multi CH Argentonero Dandelion "Luca" exc3, cq! Luca and his owner Salla Simpura had fun in the ring as always! Argentonero Feliz Figurin "Figu" exc1/ res CAC, resCACIB BB3!!!Figu was superbly handled and groomed by Lotta Penttinen.

Figu <3


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