Vuoden 2015 uutiset / News of 2015

Merry Christmas!!

5.-6-12.2015 Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner shows

What a wonderful succesful weekend! 5.12 Helsinki winner show Judge breedspecialist Marina Markio appreciated our dogs highly: Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" exc, cq, jun/1, CAC, BOB and thus two titles both Helsinki Junior winner and winner!! Alma was groomed by Lotta Penttinen and handled by Netta Hirvensalo. Thank you! Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo" exc, cq, ch/1, CACIB, BM2! Sulo was grooomed by Irina Vinogradova at Magig Dog and handled by Ilpo Mattsson! Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" exc, cq, exc/4. Once again handled and groomed by Lotta!

On sunday judge Nina Karlsdottir Sweden Alma exc, cq jun/4 and Sulo exc, cq, ch/1, BM4 res CACIB. What a nice weekend, good to meet both finnish and foreign friends.

BOB and a new HeJW-15, HeW-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma"

Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo"

5.12.2015 Vuolasvirtapalkinto

Eilen Helsinki winner näyttelyssä minulle myönnettiin Vuolasvirtapalkinto musta-hopea kääpiösnautsereiden kasvatustyöstä. -Teittingerin paikka1
Kiitokset kaikille kasvattien omistajille, teitte tämän mahdolliseksi!
Kiitokset onnitteluista! Kiitos Suomen Kääpiösnautseri kerholle muistamisesta! Kiitos kuvista Aija Hakola ja Jarmo Palander

Yesterday at the winner show I was awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeders Award for breeding black and silver miniature schnauzers! That called for my favourite Champagne!

21.-22.11.2015 Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä INT show 22.11 judge Darko Drobnjak Serbia, 33 entrees! CIB, Multiwinner Argentonero I'm Jesper BOB and shortlisted in top eight in the group ring by judge Claudio DeGiuliani. So happy. Thanks one again Lotta for a wonderful job with Capo!

Argentonero Kind of Sweet "Wilma" did wonderful on both days. Excellent, Cq both days and on sunday second best junior!!

3.11.2015 ECVO -eyetest - all clear-so happy!

Argentonero Kind of Magic of Magic

Argentonero Kind of Amazing

Argentonero Happy Harald

Tuulos dogshow 4.10.2015

Argentonero Kind of Magic "Fanni" exc, cq, BB3 and A. Juliette exc, cq, BB2, res CAC! Judge Viive Maranik, Estonia. Thank you Netta, Paula and Saara for a fun day, called for a celebration at nearby Vanaja Castle! Super handling once again Netta.

Hyvinkää dogshow 19.9.2015

Argentonero Juliette exc, cq, BB1, BOB!! Judge Borge Espeland, Norway.

Vantaa dogshow 5.9.2015

Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" exc, cq, BB1, BOB, CAC!!!Thank you Netta Hirvensalo for super handling in the rain! And Mikko Mäntynen "Alma's daddy" for taking Alma to the rainy show ground--very brave! :)

Our new baby arrived from Moscow!

Amori Marti Gloria is here! What a super fun and brave girl! Thank you Marija Podolskaja and Babenkova for trusting me with her.


Janakkala Int Dog show 30.7.2015

Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" exc, cq, BM1, BOB, CACIB--the last one needed for CIB!!! So happy!! Argentonero Juliette VG, (coat too short) Judge Olavi Tuovinen.

Helsinki Group show 22.8.2015

Argentonero Kind of Amazing exc, cq, BB4. Judge

Miniature Schnauzer Main Speciality Show 6.6.2015

Today at Finnish Miniature Schnauzer Club Main speciality show Espoo 56 b/s entries (wow!), judge Viktoras Avtusko, LT. Argentonero Kind Of Amazing Exc,cq, jun3, A. Juliette Exc, cq, interm./2, A. Justine VG, A. Happy Harald only a wonderful critigue because of a missing tooth, A. Feliz Figaro Exc, CH/3 and BIS 2 progeny class!! A. I'm Jesper exc,cq,CH/2, BM3!! I was also happy to present a breeders class today! Thank you Netta, Sari, Kerttu, Liisa, Henna and Päivi!

Hamina International Dog Show 23.5.2015

"Capo" HeJW-13 NORDJW-13 NORDW-13 FIJW-13 EEW-14 Argentonero I'm Jesper BOB CACIB and GROUP-2!!
"Thank you judges Boris Spoljaric (breed) and Anita Whitmarsh (group). It was rainy and darn cold but in good company with Lotta (who groomed and handled Capo) and Nora, I did not even notice it.Hymiö .wink

Varkaus International Show 17.5.2015

At Varkaus international dog show "Capo" HeJW-13 NordJW-13 NordW-13 FiJW-13 EstW-14 Argentonero I'm Jesper BOB CAC CACIB, new Finnish Show Champion and to top it all BIG4! And Suvi Nousiainen was BIS junior handler with Capo. Grooming and handling once again superbly by Lotta Penttinen! in the group ring handling by me (!-believe it or not) and Suvi! Thank you so much Lotta and Suvi and Judges Bisbo Pedro Ivo Santos and Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal.

The Irish Show 24.1.2015 in Turku.

Judge Simon Rooney.
Parma's puppies ( 6 mo) did super!
Argentonero Kind of Rascal "Hector"1 HP
Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" 2 HP

Argentonero Justine "Inki"exc, cq, BOS Junior!
CIB, multiwinner Scedir Naomi Campbell "Parma" exc, cq, CH/2.
Thank you Sebastian and Minna for bringing Hector! Thanks Lotta for grooming Alma and Parma and Nadja iGroom for grooming Inki. Thanks for superhandling Netta and Ilpo . Photos Jari Päivö. Thank you friends for making this a fun day!

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