Vuoden 2016 uutiset / News of 2016

26.12.2016 Alma's and Capo's puppies were born! Wellcome to the world Argentonero Milady and Milord Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hauskaa Joulua! God Jul!

10-11.12.2016 Helsinki winner and Finnish winner shows at Messukeskus. RUS &EST JCH Amori Marti Gloria exc/3 both days. Judges Olga Kupriyanova Sinko, Slovenia and Calin Margineanu, Romania.

24.11.2017 Very exciting puppy news! Argentonery M-litter will be expected at the end of this year!!More under pennut/puppies

12-13-11-2016 Jyväskylä INT show.

Judges Tamas Jakkel. Hungary and Massimo Inzoli, Italy. Argentonero Juliette Exc, cq on saturday and VG on sunday. Argentonero Kind of Amazing exc, cq BB" res CACIB on saturday and on sundau BB3.Thank you Elena Mosckva and Karita Halinen for help all the help in showing my girls.

29.10.2016 Lahti Int show,

 Judge Rob Douma, NL. Amori Marti Gloria exc/1.

8.8.2016 L-puppies veterinary check!

Everything was normal and they received microchips. The official names are Argentonero Lady Midsummer "Martta", Lord Midsummer Magic, Lord Midnigt Sun "Sisu" and Lord Midsummer Night "Ruttu"! All the puppies have found super homes!

30.7.2016 Pori Int show judge Ville Meronen

We have a new Finnish Show champion!!--On the very same she turned two years Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" did something amazing Exc, cq, BB1, CAC, CACIB, FI CH!! Thank you Ghita for grooming and handling her beautifully, in the group ring by Ilpo!

24.7.2016 Gloria returned from a very succesful Russian show trip!

Our beloved Amori Marti Gloria is now a Russian and Estonian JCH (waiting for confirmation)! Thank you Marija, Elena and Anna!

23.6.2016 Argentonero Midsummer litter was born!! More info under puppies

12.6.2016 Saastamala group show

Multi CH EE VCH HeW-10 EEVW-16 Argentonero Dandelion "Luca" BOB-veteran, BOB, BIS2-veteran, GROUP 1 and BIS2!!! Thank you owner Salla simpura for taking such good care of Luca!

Breed and bis judge breed specialist Hilkka Salohalla, bis-veteran judge Helin Tenson, group judge Kirsi Tevalin.

11.6.2016 Miniature Schnauzer Main Speciality, Espoo

HeJW-15, HeW-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" BOB BIS 4!! (47 b/s minis-- tough competition) Judges Ville Meronen and Päivi Takkinen (BIS).
CIB Argentonero Feliz Figaro "Sulo "exc3.
Multiwinner, Multi CH Argentonero Dandelion VG1 in veterans.
What a rainy day! Thank you friends! Special thanks for super handling Minna Rantanen!

3-6.6.2016 Trip to Estonia!

3.6 Estonia group show, judge Viive Maranik

Amori Marti Gloria exc, cq, JCAC, BOS! Grooming and handling Lotta. Super fun and hot day at this very well organized show were for the first time ever was a organized free snack/refresment buffe for all the participants before the group rings. How thoughtful!

4.6 Estonian Winner '16 show. Judge Shaun Watson, Cyprus

FI&EE&LV&RU CH HeW'10 Argentonero Dandelion "Luca" VET EXC1 CQ VET-CAC EVW'16!!! Now also a new estonian veteran champion!Super, super! Thank you Salla for taking such super care of our beloved pappa!

Amori Marti Gloria exc/1.
HeJW, Hew-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" exc/2.

5.6 Estonian Miniature schnauzer speciality show

Breed specialist SPK judge Birgit Bischoff, Germany

HeJW-15, HeW-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma" exc, cq, BB1, CAC, BOB, BIS 5!

Amori Marti Gloria "Glori" exc,cq, BOS junior, JCAC, BB3.

Thank you friends for making this Estonian fun trip (a lot of laugh therapy Anu and Jussi and Jarmi)possible. Special thanks to Lotta for grooming and showing Alma (in the BIS ring by me and this does not happen often, I am no handler, thanks Raija and Ghita for coaching). Minna did a super job with Gloria (Lotta on friday, Claudia on saturday). Thank you Riikka and Mikko  for taking good care of Alma, breeder appreciates! And thanks Marija, Anna and Elena for trusting/helping me with Gloria. Thank you Birgit Bischoff for appreciating my dogs, it is very special for a breeder to have a German breed specialist notice your dogs!


Helsinki IDS. Judge Enrique Mate duran, Spain. Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma " exc, cq, BB1, CAC, CACIB, BOS! Minna handled her so beautifully.


Tuusula group show. Judge Tina peixoto, portugal. Amori Marti Gloria exc, cq, BB1, CAC, BOS at her very first show! Thank you Karita for handling her!


Salo group show. Judge Michael Glancy, Ireland. Argentonero Juliette exc, cq, BB1, BOS,CAC.Thanks Ilpo!What a nice Mother's Day present :)


Harjavalta Group show. Judge  Beata petkevica, LT. Argentonero Juliette exc, cq, BB2, resCAC. Super handling by Eija! Nice company Katja et co!


Kangasniemi all breeds show. Judge adam Ostrowsky, Poland. Argentonero Juliette exc, cq, BB2, resCAC. Super handling and grooming again by Lotta!What fun trip we had in Mikkeli with Anu and Lotta. Some delicious moments at restaurant Vilee!


Vaasa international show, Judge Pablaka Inese. LT Argentonero Captain Hook "Castor" BM4, BOB veteran!Super job again Ida and Renata.


Our girls got a treat today! Thank you Aija Hakola Pes Motio for professional massaging/laser therapy/teaching stretching tricks prior and after agility.


TOP WINNING MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS 2015 were awarded by the Finnish Miniature schnauzer Club. CIB multiwinner Argentonero I'm Jesper "Capo" was #2 in b/s males in a tight competition (losing #1 by one point) We are so happy and proud! Thanks Team Capo: Rene, MariTero and Lotta!! This called for a celebration!

20.3.2016 Seinäjoki Group show

Argentonero Captain Hook "Castor" exc, cq, BM2, BOB veteran! Judge breed specialist Hilkka Salohalla. Castor was handled by Ida-Maria Parpala, who is the same age as Castor-- 8 years!!Thanks Renata and Ida! 

3/2016 Health results

Argentonero Feliz Figaro, Juliette and Justine ECVO eyetested healthy! So happy. Thank you Sari and Liisa for help!

17.1.2016 Turku International show

Another amazing day for HeW-15, HeJW-15 Argentonero Kind of Amazing "Alma". (CIB Argentonero Feliz Figaro x CIB Scedir Naomi Campbell) First time in intermediate class exc/1, BB2, CAC, res CACIB. Thanks Minna!
Judge Asnaghi Ferdinando, Italy

16.1.2016 Turku  Miniature Schnauzer Speciality show

Argentonero Kind Of Amazing "Alma" BOB junior, BB3, resCAC. 29 entrees! Judge Vidar Andersson, Norway. Super handling by Minna Rantanen. Grooming Lotta Penttinen. So Happy!



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