Vuoden 2024 uutiset/News of 2024 

30.6 Argentonero Ti Amo Estate "Pipsa" a new FI CH!
At Riihimäki group show, judge Angela McNally, Ireland. 

15.6. Main speciality show in Hämeenlinna
judge Charlotte Orre. Pontzo vg, Pipsa exc/1, Lilly exc, Gina
exc/4. Not the greatest success, but my breeders group
received a wonderful critique with HP.

Pontzo, Gina, Lilly and Pipsa


11.5 Helsinki RC INT show
judge Bjornes Svein. CIB-J FI JCH LV JCH TLN JunWCup-23 Argentonero Speranza Dell'Alba now a brand new FI CH!

Argentonero Ultimo/Ultima puppies

Urho, Voitto, Hilla, Taiga, Bella ja Sisu were health checked, bile acid tested (all normal) and here in photo session by Milja Viljamaa!

Puppies are doing great and they have all left to their new wonderful homes. 

5.1.2024 Argentonero U-litter is here. 3 boys and 3 girls for Elli and Pontzo

Vuoden 2023 uutiset/News of 2023 

15-17-12-2023 3x winter CACIB shows in Vilnius Lithuania

What a fantastic trip organized by Kylli Martinson /Kreisid travel. We received all that we needed! Gina is now a new Lithuanian and Baltic champion and CIB! 

Judge Tal Yaffe,Israel and Diana Antracito

Pentuja tulossa tammikuun 2024 alussa: Elli x Pontzo!! Puppies at the beginning of January!

FI MVA Argentonero Piu Elegante "Elli"

 Silmät ok, selkä LTVO , SPO, kyynärnivel 0/0, polvilumpioluksaatio 0/0, sappihappotestattu Geenitestipaketti: MC, MAC, PRA, CO, CMT N/N PMDS N/PMDS

FI MVA FI &EE JMVA Argentonero Regalo Della Neve "Pontzo"

Silmät ok, sappihappotestattu, polvilumpioluksaatio 0/0 LTV2 symmetrinen, kyynärnivel 0/0, lonkkaniveldysplasia B/BGeenitestipaketti: MC, MAC, PRA, CO, CMT, PMDS N/N 

7.10 Hämeenlinna, Tuulos
Judge Kristel Ratnik-Soosar, Estonia
Argentonero Ti Amo Estate(Pipsa) exc, cq, JCAC, BOB junior, CAC--a new Finnish JCH! Really in the nick of time. Thanks Erika, Siiri, Ghita and Rita! This really called for a celebration both at Cafe Laurell and the Vanaja castle!

23.9 Hyvinkää allbreeds show
Judge Helin Tenson, FI. Once again in pouring rain, but a fun trip with Erika. Argentonero Ti Amo Estate "Pipsa" exc, cq, JCAC, BOS junior, CAC, BB2!

17.9 Leppävirta groupshow  and 17.9 Vihti allbreeds show
Judge Kurt Nilsson Sweden appreciated our little Pipsa in her very first show with exc, cq, JCAC, BOB junior, BB2, res CAC
Judge Kresten Scheel exc/1.

3.9 Riihimäki Int

Judge George Schogol, Georgia.
Argentonero Regalo Della Neve exc, cq, BM3. Siiri handled Pontzo herself!
Argentonero Regina Della Neve exc, cq/2

21.8 Tallin/Luige Int show

A short trip to Tallinn int was refreshing but Lilly and Pontzo did not receive quite what we expected from judge Dick Baars. Both were excellent, but no cq. There were no BOB/BOS in his b/s ring

19.8 Helsinki group show

So so happy! We have a new finnish show champion. Today under breed specialist Marianne Holm Argentonero Piu Elegante "Elli" exc, cq, BB1, BOB, FI CH! 

6.8 Luumäki all breeds show

Argentonero Piu Elegante "Elli" exc, cq, BB1, CAC, BOB under breed specialist Mervi Raisaari

30.7.2023 Pori IDS

BOB/BOS with super handlers

Judge Hannele Jokisilta, BOB Argentonero Re Della Neve and Heidi & BOS A. Regina Della Neve and Rita

Brother and his sister!

Viktor and Gina


A wonderful birthday surprise from friends

29.7 Riihimäki 

Judge Tenson Helin. Argentonero Speranza Dell'Alba exc, cq, BOS junior, BB2, CAC. She was beautifully shown by  Eija Nurmela and now we have a new Finnish Junior champion!! Argentonero Piu Elegante exc/3.

16.7.23 Hyvinkää NDS, judge Oliver Simon, Kroatia
Theme of the day--so close but so far.
Argentonero Speranza Dell'Alba "Lilly" exc, jun/2 (only class winners got cq with this judge)
Argentonero Piu Elegante "Elli" exc/1, cq, BB3, resCAC

8.-9.7.2023 Pärnu INT show, judges Scaba Denk and Volodymyr Katsnelson
Argentonero Speranza Dell'Alba BB1, junCAC the first day and BB3 the other day
Argentonero Regina Della Neve BB2, CAC (a new Estonian show champion!) and with CACIB both days
What a fun holiday trip! Thanks for super company Päivi, Ghita(also for grooming and handling) Raija and Sarah!

26.6.23 Jyväskylä IDS. Judge breed specialist Mervi Raisaari
C.I.B-J,  TLN JunWCup-23 Argentonero Speranza Dell'Alba "Lilly" JCAC, BOB jubnior, CAC, BB3 and FinnSieger point!
FI &LV CH, FI &EE& LT JCH  Argentonero Regina Delle Neve "Gina" BB2, res CACIB and a by this last Finnsieger point also a FinnSieger!!

18.6.23 NDS Kotkan Ruusu, Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari
FIJCH Re Della Neve "Viktor" BOB and a brand new Finnish show champion. Owner Heidi Malmsten did a fantastic job showing and grooming him! Now all the puppies from Argentonero R-litter are Finnish show champions!

17.6.23 Main speciality for miniature schnauzers Espoo Marketan puisto. Judge Oksana Vertinska, LV

FI CH FI &EE &LT JCH Argentonero Regina Della Neve "Gina" exc, cq/1, FinnSieger point! She was beautifully handled by Rita Lukkala, groomed by Ghita Ahlbom.
Argentonero Sorpresa Dell Alba "Immi" exc, cq, JCAC, CAC, BOS junior, FinnSieger point. She was beautifully handled by Amanda Huhtala and groomed
by owner Katja Pitkänen.

Gina and Rita

Immi BOS junior

4.6.23 Eukanuba summer show at Vermo Areena, judge Reia Leikola-Walden.
We have two new Finnish Show Champions: Argentonero Regina Della Neve and Regalo Della Neve, champions number 13 and 14!!

Pontzo, Lilly and Gina